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About Open Stock Photography

Open Stock Photography is mashup created to help designers find free stock photography (or public domain photography).

Much like Wikipedia (and Wikimedia Commons), Open Stock Photography, is a multilingual system. You can search for stock photography in virtually any language!

Why use Open Stock Photography

Our goal is to offer unique features that compliment Wikimedia Commons. To that end we provide:

  • Search by Term, Tag or Color
  • Search Suggestions by Concepts
  • Search Translations
  • Image Lightboxing
  • Implicit Image Tagging

We are beta testing the following additional features:

  • Explicit Image Tagging
  • Public and Private Image Commenting
  • Lightbox Feeds (Atom, RDF and RSS)

In addition to on-site features OSP also conveniently integrates the following off-site features:

  • Image Cropping
  • Image Resizing
  • Photo Printing


All images listed at Open Stock Photography come from Wikimedia Commons and as such "can be used by anyone, for any purpose[1]"


  • Open Stock Photography provides access to 2,695,187 media files.


This mashup would not be possible without data and web services from:

Extra special thanks (again) to these three "big guns!" Without these guys OSP would just be a "dream."

In addition to web services the following JavaScript libraries are also used:

For security and speed we've compressed/obsfucated all our JavaScript code using the TRYNT JavaScript Compression API. Royalty free stock photos, vector art illustrations, stock footage and audio for print and use on websites and presentations.

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